Thursday, September 5, 2013

[TAP] Byron Drechsler

The collection of artists featured in the TAPs leading up to the Perth Tattoo & Body Art Expo wouldn't be complete without Byron Drechsler. 

Featured in countless tattoo magazines and the winner of several trophies for his work, Byron produces quality colour and black and grey portrait from his studio, Frontyard Tattoo in Mt Baker, South Australia. This weekend is your chance to see him tattoo in the flesh. 

Byron's work ranges from portraits to the supernatural, with absolute stunning realism that leaves you wondering if you're looking at a photo or a tattoo.

Tomorrow is the first day of the inaugural Perth Tattoo & Body Art Expo. If you're in the area and interested in tattoos, don't miss your chance to observe tattoo artists working their magic with needles and ink, or even get tattooed yourself. 

Instagram: @injekta 

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