Tuesday, April 28, 2015

[Product Review] Pureharvest Coco² Spread

Brand - Pureharvest
Product Name - Coco²
Flavours Available - Original, Almond, Hazelnut
Size - 240g
Free From - Dairy, Cane Sugar, GMO, Gluten
Stocked - Coles/Health Food Aisle
Woolworths/Health Food or Spreads Aisles

Coco² is a brand-new spread range from the folk at Pureharvest. Made predominantly from organic ingredients, Coco² is currently available in three flavours, with Coco² Original being the base for the Almond and Hazelnut versions. 

These Coco² spreads are free from sugar, as they're sweetened with Pureharvest's own Rice Malt SyrupIt's quite apparent, from the fragrant taste, that only the best unrefined coconut oil has been used to create these spreads. 

The flavour of Coco² Original is unlike anything I've tasted before. Both the coconut and cocoa are so dominant, yet when combined with rice malt syrup, create a well-balanced spread. The texture is quite thick and sticky, but easily spreadable when needed. 

With just five ingredients in Coco² Original, it's a reminder of how satisfying simple foods can be.  

They're so good that you might just find yourself eating it right out of the jar. But if you have a little more self control, enjoy Coco² on toast, in smoothies, drizzled over some banana ice cream, or as a dip for strawberries (or any fruit of your choosing). 

Nutritional Information

24 serves per jar
10g per serve

42 calories
0.4g protein
1.9g fat
5.1g carbs
3.9g sugar
0.2g fibre
3mg sodium

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